Daily Dose of Midnight (December 16, 2016 )


Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be catching you up on everything in my new segment called, “Daily Dose of Midnight” or “DDOM”! Every couple of days, I will do this. This will not be daily! It’s just rants or life updates every now and then.

So, I kinda won NaNoWriMo… I was so full of emotion when I saw that I hit 50,000. Since then, I’ve pretty much abandoned my writing set up and completely become a pile of boredom. So, hopefully getting back into blogging will give me something to do. Anyways, I have began publishing my book on Wattpad and it is doing well. I have reached 100 reads since I published it on December 4. Hopefully by New Years, the reads will be rolling in. Also, I will be posting my NaNoWriMo experience in a little while.

Also, I am officially on Christmas break from school. Thank goodness! School has been very stressing lately and getting a whole two weeks out is just a huge weight lifted. This will also give me time to focus on my blog and editing Treasured Memories. 

Lastly, there will be a large focus on my blog if I haven’t mentioned that previously. There will be a plethora of posts rolling. I have so much to say and I think this is a perfect way. I have many posts going through my head at the moment so be prepared for that.

If you are reading this, spread the word. I need alot of traffic here. Whats the point of putting out content if there is nobody to read it? I want to get known around these parts in the blogging world and I can’t do it without you guys. 

That’s all for today for DDOM! I hope that you guys are excited for whats in store for this blog. Don’t forget to like this post and comment what you liked! We-R-All-Misfits!