About me: 

Hi! I’m @midnightmisfit and I’m just a normal 14 year old with a passion for writing and a love for reading. My second home is Wattpad and you could usually find me there trying to make it in the intense world of writing. My favorite authors are Rick Riordan, Maya Angelou(more of a poet), Marissa Meyer, Mark Twain, and many more. I like to identify myself as an aspiring writer/journalist. I’m a great observer and I live to write about other people’s lives. To end, my favorite quote is: “To be a well favored man is the gift of fortune but to write and read comes by nature.” -William Shakespeare

About the blog:

I started this blog because I love writing and also I want to be a journalist when I grow up. Being able to write what goes on and publish it to the public will be great practice. This blog is about any and everything under the sun, well moon in our case. I thought of Write After Midnight because of my username and also because we all get that sudden burst of inspiration at different times. It could be during a boring class, during this movie that you’ve been dying to watch, while scrolling endlessly through the internet or even after midnight. I hope that you guys are interested in this blog and accompany me on this crazy blogging ride!


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